Welcome to Dachshund Dude Ranch

My name is Molly Williams!

Our love for this wonderful breed started over in 1995 with our very special little dachshund named Henry.  He brought so much laughter and happiness into our lives that we knew we had to help bring the same joy into other people's lives.

We breed healthy, quality dogs with excellent conformation and temperament. Our goal is for you to be as happy with our dachshund as we were with our little Henry.

Today we are located in the Texas hill country, 25 miles northwest of San Antonio. We spend our days enjoying our dachshunds, from the minute the sun comes up in the morning until well after dusk when they curl up in warm little groups and fall asleep. And even all through the night when we often welcome the brand new puppies into the world!

Enjoy your visit to our Ranch and our dachshund family. We hope you will find the puppy you've been looking for! Please feel free to contact us with any questions!