Z-Bob is a black/tan piebald longhair. He weighs about 17 pounds and is 6 years old.

This dude is a COOL DOG! Great with older kids who are experienced at handling dachshunds. Will avoid young children because they are scary and unpredictable. Very docile and calm - not an alpha male at all.

Z-Bob is VERY CALM. He's not overly playful. He wants to sit in your lap. He's friendly, he's loving, but very relaxed. He has been returned 3 times because he is so calm and not playful enough. This temporarily broke his spirit... he was very depressed for a few months. He has been back at the ranch for about 6 months and I believe he's gained his confidence back. I cannot stress enough how committed you must be to him.

He's friendly, he's loving, but very relaxed.

He is neutered, up to date on her vaccinations and heartworm/flea medicine and had his dental done in January 2017.

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